Validation for monitor, light and job

SpectraProof not only has job validation capabilities for measuring and validating soft proofing jobs. It also has built-in capabilities for validating monitors and lighting used for soft proofing.

Validation for monitors:

Validating monitors is pretty straightforward: You put your measurement device on your screen. Then you can validate your monitor. In SpectraProof, there are several monitor report targets, such as ISO targets and media wedges. These are typical CMYK targets, but there are also many RGB targets. Any CMYK targets are validated by offsetting with the selected ICC profile. In this case, SpectraProof doesn’t use a fixed set of RGB patches. It uses a set of CMYK patches and calculates them using the currently selected ICC profile.

We are not talking about validating a job here, but validating a monitor: Fogra51, FOGRA52, WAN/IFRA Newspaper, etc. A SpectraProof user could easily perform monitor validation. Unlike monitor validation, job validation always uses the colors in the job and validates against the profile and monitor profile. This is similar to the media wedge with the spot color field built in.

Why is that so? Sometimes there can be colors that are outside of the gamut, even if the gamut is large, and of course one wouldn’t necessarily have those in a prebuilt patch set. Some colors like a PANTONE 806 C will fail the monitor validation, as it is so far out in terms of gamut, that it might not be represented properly. This might be as well so in a hardcopy proof, that will result in a Delta-E00 of 6 or 8 for these colors.

Validation for softproofing light

When using the SmartLightningSystem (SLS) or SLS Monitor with Light-hood for soft proofing, SpectraProof can validate the light of your softproofing hood or booth within a quick 30 seconds.