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Softproof = Spectraproof

A Softproof is a color accurate display of a print file on a monitor.
And it works at the push of a button and allows simulation on the screen in real time. This is a considerable improvement for the entire print production process.

Colour changes, substrates, printing processes and new designs can be run through immediately without material expenditure or loss of time.

This enables immediate assessment, joint discussion and final approval for a layout by decision-makers.

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Spectraproof as a Softproof System covers all types of colour information

Wether 4C or spot colors like PANTONE, HKS etc. or even 7C Print with CMYKOGV: The Spectraproof Softproof System covers all available types of colors with ease … even including effects like hot foil, structured paper, printing primer whites and more!

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Softproof Prices

Spectraproof comes in 3 different versions

Spectraproof Professional:

  • Ideal for Printers with Spotcolors involved, Packaging, Metal Deco, Digital Printers etc.
  • Accurate Softproof of Spotcolors, Foils, Printing Whites and much more without limits

Spectraproof Standard:

  • Ideal solution for Digital Printers, 4C Rotogravure, 4C Offset, 4C Industrial Printers etc.
  • Color correct frontend for Scanning Applications

Spectraproof Viewer:

  • Perfect solution for clients for viewing, validating and exchanging Spectraproof jobs.
Spectraproof Pricing in detail

Softproof made easy

Colourful Peace of mind, always.

Softproof Scenarios

Wether a Printing house, Agency, or Repro Supplier: Softproofing can be useful in many ways.

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Spectraproof Features

Learn everything about the key features of SpectraProof, the unique Softproofing Solution.

SpectraProof Features

Supported Hardware and Devices

Spectraproof supports many measuring devices, monitors and lightning solutions.

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Our team

The Softproof Color Experts

Alexander Demmler

LAcunasolutions CEO

Matthias Betz

Proof.de CEO

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Color management. Handheld Spectrophotometer verify color, Print Measuring Tool for Hard- and Softproofing


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