N-Channel (ECG) Rendering

Spectraproof Softproof Solution: Onscreen Display for Rendering, Output Condition like FOGRA55 CMYKOGV ECG Colour Gamut

N-Channel ICC profiles are used in color management to handle color reproduction in printing devices that utilize more than the standard CMYK ink channels. These profiles are essential for achieving accurate and extended gamut color output. They are especially valuable in commercial and packaging printing, where color fidelity is paramount.

SpectraProof can softproof any N-Channel ICC Profiles like FOGRA55 CMYKOGV ECG and accurately display the colors on the softproof-monitor. All channels can be validated in the Job validation.

Proper color management and calibration are critical in ECG printing to ensure that the desired colors are accurately reproduced. Especially with this relatively new printing concept, accurate softproofing with SpectraProof can save a lot of time an effort to achieve fast, accurate and colorful results in softproof and print.

What is Extended Color Gamut (ECG)

Extended Color Gamut (ECG) printing is a printing technology and technique that expands the range of colors that can be reproduced in the printing process beyond what is possible with the traditional four-color process, also known as CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key/Black). ECG printing typically uses additional ink colors to expand the color gamut and improve the color accuracy of printed materials.

Key points about ECG Extended Color Gamut printing

  • Extended color gamut: ECG printing uses a wider range of ink colors beyond the standard CMYK inks. These additional inks in standards such as FOGRA55 CMYKOGV include orange, violet, and green. They may also include other spot colors, special inks, or custom blended inks.
  • In SpectraProof Standard, you can use Orange, Violet and Green with N-Channel ECG color profiles like FOGRA55. If you use different colors in printing, switch to SpectraProof Professional. Here, you can use, measure, and apply any color to the additional color channels.
  • Improved color accuracy: By using a wider range of ink colors, ECG printing can achieve more accurate and vibrant color reproduction, enabling better brand color matching and delivering high-quality, photo-realistic images.
  • Better Reproduction of Brand Colors: ECG is especially valuable for brand owners and designers who want to maintain precise control over the colors in their branding and marketing materials.
  • Improved print quality: ECG printing often results in higher levels of detail, smoother gradients and a wider color gamut. This can be especially beneficial for applications such as packaging, labels and promotional materials.
  • Reduced spot color usage: ECG printing expands the color gamut. It can also reduce the need to use a large number of separate spot colors. This can be costly and complex to manage.
  • CMYK as a base color: CMYK colors are often used as a base in ECG printing, with the additional inks applied as needed to expand the color gamut.
  • Extended Color Gamut printing is widely used in the packaging industry, where vibrant and consistent colors are essential for branding and marketing. It is also used in various other areas of commercial printing and production where color accuracy and quality are paramount. By expanding the color gamut, ECG printing offers greater flexibility and precision in color reproduction. It helps meet the demanding color requirements of today’s print projects.