4C CMYK Rendering 

Displaying accurate 4c softproofs is one of the favorite tasks in SpectraProof. If you are a printer or repro house specializing in 4C or ECG printing only, even the smaller SpectraProof Standard version will suite your needs perfectly for any softproofing.

In SpectraProof, you can use any current 4C or 7C ICC Profile to display perfectly accurate softproofs within just seconds. Whether heatset, coldset, gravure, offset or simply any digital printing machine you use in-house: SpectraProof offers unique precision in calculating, displaying and approving any PDF or TIFF File. And as SpectraProof is so incredibly fast, you can even use as a printing house to quickly check a softproof with your client as he walks in with a USB stick with the latest printing files on it. Just preflight in your chosen application, softproof in SpectraProof… it’s as easy as that. And after softproofing, you can send your entire configured SpectraProof job to the SpectraProof station at the printing machine, so the printer can see exactly the softproof-results, your client has seen when walking delivering his printing data.