A softproof is a guide that is displayed on the screen. A Hardcopy proof, on the other hand, is a proof on paper.

The advantages of softproof are obvious: it is fast, costs no paper or ink, and can be reproduced reliably with little effort. In addition, monitors have a very large colour space and can be quickly linearized and calibrated if necessary.

Today’s softproofing stations come with an integrated hood and lighting solution so that the softproof on the monitor can be displayed directly in a fixed and validated environment. A print or hardcopy proof can also be displayed right next to the softproofing monitor with color accuracy.

Many monitor manufacturers, such as Benq, Viewsonic, Eizo, and others, offer color-accurate monitor solutions. These solutions can integrate softproof-stations and workflows. What more do you need: Of course a light solution, preferably with LED driven light nowadays, like Just, GTI or Lacunasolutions offer. Sometimes, even the softproofing software is capable of adjusting the light in the hood or above the softproofing screen to perfectly match the requirements. And finally of course, you need a softproofing software like Spectraproof or Remote Director.

The disadvantages: Especially when controlling the print, a comparison of a paper proof to the final print is significantly easier than the comparison of a self-luminous image display with a passive illuminated paper. In addition, according to the offset process standard, proofing must be done under very bright light (2000 lux). For softproofing, on the other hand, the light needs to be dimmed to at least 700 lux. Most softproofing monitors are calibrated for 120 to 180 candela, although some monitors can display 350 candela, but these are not capable of displaying the full ISOCoatedV2 color gamut.

As monitor technology continues to make great strides, softproofing will certainly become established in the long term. Currently, however, a simple hard copy proof is the common solution in controlling print colour.

Developed by Lacunasolutions, a renowned company in the field of color management and digital printing, Spectraproof is a softproofing solution. Softproofing refers to the process of viewing digital proofs on a computer screen to simulate what the final printed output will look like. 

Spectraproof is designed to provide an accurate representation of the color and to ensure consistency between the digital proof and the final printed output. It offers a range of features that help users make informed decisions about color accuracy. These include color management, color calibration, and color profiling. With Spectraproof, users can easily simulate different printing conditions, such as different types of paper or printing devices. This ensures that the digital proof accurately represents the final printed result. The software also allows users to compare multiple proofs side by side, making it easier to identify any discrepancies or differences in color. 

In addition, Spectraproof supports multiple industry-standard color spaces and file formats, ensuring compatibility with different workflows and systems. It also offers advanced color correction and editing tools that allow users to fine-tune colors and make adjustments as needed. 

All in all, Spectraproof by Lacunasolutions is a powerful softproofing solution. It helps users achieve accurate and consistent color reproduction in digital printing workflows.