Spectraproof Professional

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Unlock Precision with Spectraproof – Your Ultimate Color Correction Companion!

Are you tired of inconsistencies in your digital color representation? Spectraproof is here to revolutionize your visual experience!

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Spectraproof Professional Feature List:

  • PDF processing
  • Spectraproof Job Export
  • Spectraproof Job Import
  • Spectraproof Job Ticket support
  • Validation for monitor, light and job
  • Reporting for Viewing conditions, Approval, Validation
  • Monitor calibration
  • Spectralight calibration
  • Measuring and replacement of colours
  • Measuring and replacement of substrates whitepoint
  • Color correct visualitsation of Spectraproof Jobs
  • Comment and approval functions
  • 4C CMYK Jobs
  • Nchannel (ECG) Jobs
  • 4C CMYK + Spotcolor Jobs
  • Photo realistic Printing effects (Varnish, Primer, Lamination, Hotfoil)
  • Photo realistic Printing Substrates
  • Support of CxF4 and CGATS data for spot colour exchange
  • Spectral prediction for process and spot colour

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