Spectraproof Softproof-ratkaisu, jossa on Spectralight, huppu, Softproof-monitori: Tarkka spektriennuste prosessi- ja spot-väreille.

If you have a SpectraLight from Lacunasolutions, a monitorhood or a ceiling light, you can calibrate this light from SpectraProof. SpectraLight and other solutions feature multispectral LEDs. These LEDs can be controlled for color, brightness, and UV content via a computer interface using software and a meter.

The user enters default values such as a color value, a white such as a color temperature and a brightness such as a lux value. The light then automatically adjusts itself to these values. Yes.In future versions of SpectraProof, the light will change automatically when the ICC profile is selected. The correct white points of the ICC profile will be generated.

In general, however, SpectraProof also offers the option of validating any light source. This cannot be calibrated, but SpectraProof can query the target values, take a measurement, compare it with the target values and validate the light source.