Meten en vervangen van substraten witpunt

Within SpectraProof you can measure the color characteristics of a printing substrate’s white point and make adjustments to ensure color accuracy and consistency in the final softproofing output.

Spectraproof Softproof Solution: Onscreen Menu when adding new substrates for Softproofing

Different substrates can have varying shades of white, warmer (reddish or yellowish) or cooler (bluish) whitepoints. The whitepoint in SpectraProof is defined as CIELab and can be measured with a compatible spectrophotometer like X-Rite i1Pro2 or a MYIRO1 from KonicaMinolta.

Why is the whitepoint of the paper so important for softproofing?

The white tone or white point of paper is critical in color management for several important reasons:

  • Color matching: Designers and printers often work with the goal of matching specific colors, such as corporate brand colors. The white point of the paper is fundamental to achieving accurate color matching because it affects how colors are perceived and reproduced.
  • A precise white point allows designers, prepress and printers to predict how colors will appear when printed on a specific paper. This predictability is essential to achieving the desired color and visual impact in printed materials.
  • Elimination of Color Shifts: A shift in the paper white tone can cause undesirable color shifts in printed materials. For example, using paper with a warm (yellowish) or cool (bluish) white point will affect the appearance of printed colors. Measuring a paper white tone in SpectraProof will show exactly this color shift.
  • Accurate Softproofing: When producing color proofs or mock-ups for client approval, the white point in the softproof should match that of the intended final printed piece. This ensures that clients see an accurate representation of how the colors will appear on the printed version.
  • For businesses and brands, maintaining consistent colors in marketing materials is critical to brand identity. Using a accurate white point ensures that brand colors are faithfully reproduced across different printed materials.

In summary, the white tone or white point of paper is essential in color management because it provides a reference for color consistency, enables accurate color matching, and ensures predictable and reliable results in the printing process.

Spectraproof Softproof Solution: Onscreen Message when adding new substrates for Softproofing