SpectraProof Job Export and Job Ticket

With SpectraProof Professional, you can easily export a configured and calculated SpectraProof job. This job can then be opened by any other SpectraProof Station, including the SpectraProof Viewer.

In addition to exporting the job, you can also export the job ticket. This can sometimes be a faster option than packing an entire SpectraProof job. Especially if you are simply transferring the job within the same company. The Job Ticket contains all switches and settings, you can configure in SpecrtaProof. So, if the PDF or TIFF file for softproofing is available at the terminal station, one could just configure the job and send the Job-Ticket.

The Job-Ticket also specifies, where the PDF is located on the server and with which parameters it should be rendered. The job-Ticket includes parameters such as color library, ICC profile, with or without simulation, with or without composing, etc. Using the Job-Ticket alone all SpectraProof Stations must have the same assets, ICC-profiles, backgrounds, color libraries etc., identically, otherwise it cannot select them dynamically. That is, why it makes sense in a workflow scenario.

Compared to the Job-Ticket alone, a complete SpectraProof Job Export contains all necessary files for displaying the completely configured job on any other SpectraProof Station.

Job import-export is usually used for exchange between different SpectraProof partners. For example, the repro house does a job and sends it to the brand owner. If the brand owner signs off on it, it goes to the printer.

The job ticket support is ideal for a company with SPC-Flex, which shares files with their plate suppliers. Often a company has a repro service provider that makes the flexo plates for them and the cylinders, as they don’t have their own in-house repro, but share the same ESCO workflow. The order processing department put the data in there, and at some point they get the plates back. Instead of doing paper proofs, they simply generate job tickets with the right color libraries, color names.

Some SpectraProof Clients have gone so far as to automatically assign the correct color names in the PDFs.In such workflows, a “customer blue” comes in and becomes a “Pantone XXX C” or whatever their specific inhouse standard is. Each of these printers usually have their own naming schemes. And behind the correct color name there is usually a CxF file making use of the SpectraProof CxF capabilities.