Job Interchange among Spectraproof Stations

Spectraproof Softproof Solution: Softproof Job being rendered on Screen, Job archive created.

SpectraProof Stations can easily interchange pre-configured SpectraProof job data with each other. How does this work in detail?

In SpectraProof, the operator can export a SpectraProof job with a validated monitor and after a job validation. The job validation must be carried out beforehand to ensure that no job data is exchanged that may have been rendered or displayed. Even in the hardcopy proof, no proofs would be used that do not have a green tick and have been checked and validated accordingly.

SpectraProof then creates a 128-bit encrypted ZIP archive during export, which contains the same data as in a SpectraProof job folder: all separations, ICC profiles, color information and much more are stored in this folder. The colors needed for this job are extracted from the local color library and saved in the job.

Configuration information, user information, assets such as backgrounds, materials, etc. are also taken into account and saved in the SpectraProof job container. This job can then be sent to another SpectraProof user, regardless of which SpectraProof version they have. All SpectraProof Stations can decode, open, load and display a SpectraProof job.