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Lacunasolutions | Alexander Demmler

Alexander Demmler - Softproof Specialist - Spectraproof Software Owner

[Lacunasolutions] has been providing services to industry for more than 25 years now. It provides software and hardware development and design and its own LED-Normlight products. And with Spectraproof, Lacunasolutions has created a Softproofing-Solution with a huge array of stunning features.

Spectraproof works with a combination of spectral mathematics and ICC colour management and calculates the collation of both process and spot colours for on-screen simulation. Standard ICC profiles, N-channel ICC profiles, Cxf4 data and CGATS data are supported. In addition, Spectraproof can visualise photorealistic substrates, primer, varnish, hot foils and other effects. Functions for checking the display quality and simple reporting make it the perfect Softproof-solution. These are all key factors in reducing costs and streamlining processes.

A connected spectrometer can be used to measure additional colours or substrates, calibrate the wide gamut monitor and check all colours rendered in a job. Missing colours can be replaced with colours from the built-in spectral libraries or quickly re-measured. A single Lab measurement, a single spectrum or spectral ramps printed on the substrate are all that is needed to achieve ever higher precision.

Basic annotation tools and the ability to share complete jobs with other users simplify workflows. In addition, there are functions for integration into existing workflows via XML job tickets. All this makes for a simple but powerful soft proofing workflow.

The Spectraproof® system is the perfect combination of the softproofing application, monitor and measuring device and a LED standard light monitor bonnet. Both enable easy remote collaboration and colour communication on a new level.

Proof GmbH | Matthias Betz Proof.de Logo

Matthias Betz, Owner of proof.de in Germany, a online Service for color binding Contract Proof creation

Proof GmbH in Tübingen specializes in the creation of certified proofs in all international standards. Proof GmbH has been certified multiple times to create Contract Proofs according to the latest ISO 12647-7:2016 for almost 10 years with renewed certification every year. Additionally, it has been certified by Swiss PDFX-ready for Proof Output of PDF/X-4 files.

The online proof shop proof.de offers its customers a flexible choice of proof formats from DIN A6 to DIN A0, favourable graduated prices and over 60 proofing color profiles. From offset printing to gravure printing, from the popular “ISOCoatedV2” standard to customised proofing profiles, all current color standards wordwide are available. Furthermore, proof.de offers to hardcopy proof any ICC in-house proofing standards for CMYK and Multicolour workflows. It is “Spot Cert” certified by Fogra for the Display of Spot Colours as PANTONE, HKS or DIC / Toyo.

Proof.de has been the first company to be certified for FOGRA51, FOGRA52, FOGRA54 and FOGRA59 worldwide. Additionally, Proof GmbH has as well been the first company worldwide with a CMYKOGV Multicolor Contract Proof Certification for FOGRA55.