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SpectraProof Versions and Features

Spectraproof Feature ListSpectraProof ProfessionalSpectraProof StandardSpectraProof Viewer
PDF processing
Composite TIFF processing
Spectraproof Job Export
Spectraproof Job Import
Spectraproof Job Ticket support
Validation for monitor, light and job
Reporting for Viewing conditions, Approval, Validation
Monitor calibration
Spectralight calibration
Measuring and replacement of colours
Measuring and replacement of substrates whitepoint
Color correct visualisation of Spectraproof Jobs
Comment and approval functions
4C CMYK Rendering 
Nchannel (ECG) Rendering
Spotcolor Rendering
Image based Composing of Printing effects
(Varnish, Primer, Lamination, Hotfoil)
Photo realistic Printing Substrates
Support of CxF4 and CGATS data for spot colour exchange 
Spectral prediction for process and spot colours
Retail Price per Host4500 €2500 €1300 €
Software Maintenance contract for 1 year per Host900 €500 €260 €
The annual software maintenance contract includes updates, bug fixes and remote support.
The software maintenance contract is mandatory for the first year. If a customer want’s to
update after a period without SMA this is possible on an individual quote.

All prices plus shipping and import duties. Value added tax is not
aplicable if an tax identification number is provided (reverse charged).
Payable net, in advance, at time of order.

Rental and leasing offers on request.